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 Mobile Dysphagia Imaging of North Jersey is dedicated to providing Gold Standard diagnostics while improving patient/resident dysphagia management and quality of life. Flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) uses a thin endoscope with cutting edge distal chip technology for the best high definition visualization of the swallowing anatomy and physiology.

You call, email or text  once you have received a doctor’s order for FEES and we arrive within two business days, write the report while on site, and leave the invoice with the billing department that day.  It is just that simple.



Skilled nursing residents are seen in their natural dining environment, eating the facility’s  food and liquids for realistic/accurate results. No need the need to transport patients out of the facility.



Your facility can now offer FEES.  You can provide your patients with the benefits of flexible endoscopic swallowing evaluations within your practice or location.  Expand the services you offer your patients.



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